Sunday, December 15, 2013

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The K&V Chronicles

As an author, I'm doing my part to ensure vampires regain some of their predatory nature. I've written many, many, many short stories featuring vampires, and have a three book series with a vampire for my leading man.

Keila and Varick comprise the main couple of my K&V Chronicles. Keila is a young psionicist, and Varick is an elder vampire. He is powerful, a little arrogant, a lot predatory, and very hot for Keila's blood.

I absolutely made sure to give him an animalistic grace. Just inhuman enough to be intriguing, yet never becoming a monster. He knows his strengths, and knows how to handle himself. Varick is certainly not above killing, especially in defense of his woman.

Keila actually compares him to a tiger multiple times. She knows he's deadly, yet that danger is wrapped up in a beautiful form. The fact that he could crush her, and completely restrains himself from doing so, only draw her further in.

There is definitely blood drinking between the two of them. Sex and taunting too, but the biting is the high point for this pair. I will never let the fangs go away from my Varick.

My K&V Chronicles are no Twilight. There's a whole lot more darkness and plot in what I've written. Even if I only get a few readers, that's a few more people who enjoy real vampires.